The Genius Hack to Get Rid of Salt Residue on Shoes in Less Than a Minute

The Household Handyman Your footwear can take a beating throughout winter months. The salt used to soften ice and snow on driveways, sidewalks, parking tons, and so forth., can assist to hold you protected from falling, however it may additionally depart a nasty white residue on your footwear that doesn’t look nice. (Subsequent time, do… Read More »

How to Clean Carpet – How to Get Stains Out of Carpet

Each house is susceptible to the occasional espresso spill or shoe stain. It is inevitable. But it surely’s all about the way you cope with the stain afterwards that issues. This is our skilled-accepted methodology, from Carolyn Forte, director of the Good Housekeeping Institute Cleansing Lab, for a way to clear carpets which have frequent… Read More »

This Is the ONLY Way You Should Hang Your Sweaters

Ira Shpiller/Shutterstock When your drawers are full, storing your sweaters in your closet can save space for storing. There’s only one drawback: stretching. Your typical technique for hanging shirts tugs the sweater at the shoulders, the place it hits the hanger’s curves. Subsequent factor you already know, there are unpleasant lumps in your favourite winter… Read More »

9 Things Electricians Wish You Knew About Batteries

Rechargeable vs. disposable VLADYSLAV DANILIN/Shutterstock It is an age-old query, but it surely actually is determined by the way you’re utilizing them. For low-draw objects, like a clock or smoke detector, take into account shopping for disposable batteries; they’ve an extended lifespan as a result of they drain energy slowly. “In functions the place the… Read More »

16 Genius Cleaning Hacks You’ll Want to Steal from Professional House Cleaners

Remember the doormat OSORIOartist/Shutterstock Doormats are your finest buddy when it comes to trapping filth, so be sure to have two—one exterior the home and one inside. This tip is very useful within the winter when you might have salty and snowy boots going out and in of the home. Simply ensure to clear the… Read More »

10 Easy Tips for Making Your Favorite Clothes Last Longer

Down and winter coats ConstantinosZ/Shutterstock Care and storage of winter coats is particularly necessary if we wish them to maintain their authentic really feel, match, and heat for a number of years. “I at all times suggest washing coats by themselves—remember to empty the pockets and zip up all of the zippers,” says Jody Schwartz,… Read More »