20 Things You Should Be Cleaning with a Toothbrush

By | September 16, 2017

Range tops


Ashlee Edie, cleansing professional at Handy, says the coarse bristles and measurement of a toothbrush make them excellent for cleansing cussed, hard-to-reach locations within the dwelling like range tops. “Grime can rapidly construct up on stoves,” Edie says. “Apply some dishwashing liquid to a toothbrush and use small round motions to buff away the dust.” Be sure to rinse and wipe clear with a material. Listed here are surprisingly germy things in your kitchen you by no means assume to scrub.



“To maintain grout in between tiles wanting contemporary, use a toothbrush to wash a resolution of bleach and water alongside the grout to take away any stains,” Edie says. Bear in mind to rinse when completed.



What’s that goo hiding behind and across the base of your faucet? “Mildew and micro organism can develop on taps so use a toothbrush, with a combination of cleaning soap and water, to completely clear these,” recommends Edie. Right here is how one can solve your other bathroom cleaning issues.

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Upholstery and carpet stains


A toothbrush can be utilized to sort out small however cussed stains on carpets and fabric. “Apply some stain remover to the spot and use a toothbrush to use stress to the stain,” Edie advises. “Scrub in round motions to loosen the stain and repeat till it’s gone.” Listed here are more DIY carpet stain removers you possibly can strive.

Eradicating crayon from the wall


“If the children have been utilizing the partitions as a canvas once more, a fast tip to take away crayon marks is to load a toothbrush with some shaving foam or toothpaste, apply to the crayon marks, and buff them away. Then, merely wipe the floor with a paper towel,” provides Edie. Listed here are more ways to clean crayon off your walls.

Hair dryer, automobile, and toilet vents


Lint and mud will get caught in something that strikes air—which incorporates hair dryers, automobile vents, and even the toilet vent. Have you ever ever seemed up at your rest room vent? They’re often loaded with mud. Be sure the vent is off or disconnected then take away the quilt. Take outdoors to softly brush off or if it is caked on you possibly can clear it in your sink with a damp toothbrush. For a hair dryer, be sure it is unplugged from the outlet and gently use a dry toothbrush to take away mud. Identical on your automobile vents.

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Pc keyboards


Pc keyboards are sometimes dusty and will even have crumbs or different particles lurking across the keys. A clear, delicate, dry toothbrush is ideal to scrub these areas. Unplug the keyboard from the pc or, if it is a laptop computer, unplug the laptop computer. Flip the keyboard onto its aspect and gently brush across the keys into a garbage can or sink. Don’t use any kind of water or liquid on a pc keyboard.



Utilizing a toothbrush to get into your fridge’s plastic cabinets with grooves is the easiest way to scrub these hard-to-reach areas, says Diane Regalbuto, a housecleaning professional and proprietor of Betty Likes to Clear in Philadelphia and South Jersey. The identical goes for the rubber seal between the door and the primary a part of the fridge the place mud, grime and crumbs can collect. (These are some foods you should never keep in the fridge.)

Sink edges and drains


Regalbuto recommends utilizing a toothbrush to scrub undermounted sinks the place the counter goes over the sting of the sink. Loads of gunk and mildew can rise up in that space. The identical goes for the sink overflow drain, often a sequence of small holes reverse the spigot. A toothbrush with cleaner is the right device to scrub that space.

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Toaster oven


Have you ever checked out your toaster oven these days? It is in all probability stuffed with crumbs and burnt-on junk. Regalbuto recommends a toothbrush for cleansing these areas. First unplug the oven and use a dry toothbrush to get the crumbs out after which clear the grill within the sink with cleaning soap and water. Rinse and completely dry.

Brush your cheese grater

02_Things_a_toothbrush_canistock/4kodiakGive the enamel of a cheese grater a good brushing with an previous toothbrush earlier than you wash the grater or put it within the dishwasher. (Discover out the surprising things you can clean in the dishwasher.) It will make it simpler to clean and can stop clogs in your dishwasher drain by eliminating bits of cheese or every other merchandise you could have grated.

Clear silk from ears of corn

04_Things_a_toothbrush_can_istock/JJMareeEarlier than cooking shucked corn, take an previous toothbrush and gently massage the ear to brush away the remaining clingy strands of silk. You then will not need to brush them out from between your enamel after you eat the corn!

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Clear and oil your waffle iron

05_Things_a_toothbrush_canistock/uba-fotoA clear, delicate toothbrush is simply the precise utensil to scrub crumbs and burned batter from the nooks and crannies of a waffle iron. Use it to unfold oil evenly on the waffle iron floor earlier than the subsequent use too.

Apply hair dye

06_Things_a_toothbrush_canistock/ISMODEDyeing your hair at dwelling? Use an previous toothbrush as an applicator. It is the right measurement and it’ll hold the mess to a minimal.

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Scrub below your nails

08_Things_a_toothbrush_can_istock/serdjophotoIt may well typically be arduous to take away the dust and dirt that builds up below your nails. Pump some cleaning soap onto an previous toothbrush and use it to wash your nails clear.

Tame flyaway hairs

09_Things_a_toothbrush_canistock/XsandraSpray hairspray on a toothbrush that you simply don’t use and comb again the small hairs that at all times get in your face. This easy trick gives you a extra put collectively and clear coiffure. Ensure you’re not doing these things that can ruin your hair.

Brush away espresso

18-things-a-toothbrush-can-537409510-RyanJLaneiStock/RyanJLaneShould you’re a fan of espresso, you’re additionally acquainted with how finely floor Italy’s favourite espresso is. To maintain it from clogging up the filter display screen in your espresso maker, scrub the display screen gently after every use with a delicate toothbrush. If any bits stay, take away them with a straight pin.

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De-pulp your juicer

19-things-a-toothbrush-can-533474151-martinedoucetiStock/martinedoucetIt’s simple to neglect that electrical juicers are traps for all method of fruit (and subsequently, meals) particles. Preserve it clear as a whistle to forestall micro organism buildup (and sickness!) by cleansing it completely: disassemble it, wipe out the pulp and discard it, and fill your kitchen sink with sizzling, soapy water. Soak every thing however the motor casing for 10 minutes, take away the items from the sink, and scrub with a delicate toothbrush. Dry effectively, reassemble, and juice for all you’re price!

Clear your veggies

20-things-a-toothbrush-can-179136285-Olha_AfanasievaiStock/Olha_AfanasievaUse a soft-bristled toothbrush to scrub mushrooms and different delicate greens earlier than cooking. A medium- or hard-bristled brush is extra appropriate for potatoes. Keep your veggies fresh for longer with these tips.

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