3 Smart Ways On How To Remove Bleach Stains

By | May 9, 2017

How To Remove Bleach Stains can be done if you don’t mind to stop using bleach and switch it to better alternative we have listed here. It is impossible to remove the stains totally since the stains removed the dye of the clothes you want to save.

Bleach Stains Removal

These ways to remove bleach stains can restore the color that has been replaced.

  1. Sodium Thiosulfate

    This agent is able to neutralize the bleaching agents and restore the surfaces with bleached problem. You can use it as your quick spot treatment, but you must blot the stain with clean with cloth that should be dipped first in S.T until the stain disappears and the fabric is more saturated. Use cold water to rinse and repeat for several times on how to remove bleach stains by this way.

  2. White Vinegar

    Make sure that you rinsed the bleach out of the fabric before using this agent. Use vinegar and dab or blot the stain so you don’t see the vinegar anymore. Use cold water to rinse and repeat the steps. Vinegar is the popular option to restore the color of fabric with its acetic acid to dissolve the damaged fabric so the bleach stain wouldn’t stand out.

  3. Dry Your Clothes In Direct Sunlight

    It is possible to lighten the color around the bleach stain and the simplest way you can do is drying your clothes in direct sunlight. Well, it sounds a little bit kooky but it works. It is not very practical but it is all about your options. Sunlight is the best source to deal with bleaching and if you cannot believe, you can look at any piece of driftwood.

    How To Remove Bleach Stains

    If you lay bleach stained cloth over a bush or grass lawn and place it in direct sunlight, you will get higher bleaching effect of the sun. It is because the vegetation beneath provides oxygen as the powerful bleaching agent. But, be sure that you shake the cloth out before ready to bring it inside.

    These smart ways on how to remove bleach stains surely will make your life easier.

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