Most Effective Method On How To Remove Grass Stains

By | May 15, 2017

How To Remove Grass Stains is what you have to think later, after allowing your kids to play outside on a green yard. While they are having fun with their time, you are hardly thinking on something that you must solve soon, removing the grass stains. Below are some methods you can try.

how to remove grass stain

How to remove grass stains from fabric and clothes

A Prompt laundering and treatment is your prior and there are some techniques required as below:

  1. Use methylated spirits, alcohol or white spirits to rub. It is the quick solution with no-wash treatment to deal with grass stain. Try having 50:50 alcohol and water mixture before going with straight alcohol.
  2. For White cloth that can be bleached, the useful solution is using chlorine bleach. Avoid having too much solution or it will damage the garment.
  3. Take detergent and water as great solution. Wash the garment, but never put it in clothes dryer if you don’t check the stain yet.
  4. Never use ammonia, alkaline detergents or degreaser on how to remove grass stains, because that will only make the stain permanent.

How to remove grass stains from non-washable garment

It is always important to check the garment label. If you found that the garment is not washable, it means you have to put it to drycleaners. Use towel to blot the stain and use some commercial drycleaning products. Push the stain by blotting it from the inside of the garment.

How to remove grass stains from furniture and carpet

It is not impossible the stain on your furniture and carpet, but it wouldn’t be easy. What you need is water and mild detergent solution. Don’t use detergent that is designed with optical brighteners which will only discolor the fabrics and carpets for quite long. It is recommended to use 1/4 teaspoon of laundry soap with a cup of water, start blotting from the outside of the stain, then go to the center by using paper towels or white towels.

Grass Stain removal

Those are the complete information on how to remove grass stains on your fabric, non-washable garment, furniture and carpet. Feel Free to check the other tips at houseworkGuide



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