How To Remove a Bleach Stain On Metal And Wood

By | May 14, 2017

How to remove a bleach stain will make your belongings goes in normal condition. Whether you are dealing with your new table, furniture item or carpet, it is quite easy to remove small bleach. If you spot a bleach stain on your fabric or furniture upholstery, find the washing guidelines based on the manufacturer’s instruction, but it requires different way to deal with stain on metal and wood.

How to remove a bleach stain

Removing Bleach Stains On Metal

If you use bleach to clean your jewellery, it doesn’t work. It is recommended to use silver cleaning product and then follow the instruction on its label to get rid of the bleach. Since bleach is a corrosive, there is no better idea than to use cold and clean water to remove neat bleach from the surface. The germs can be removed by exposure the metal to boiling water and then dry it off.

Removing Bleach Stains On Wood

How to remove a bleach stain on wood requires different method from removing the stains on wood. You cannot apply the same method for different materials. Bleach is used by a lot of furniture restores anytime they want to lighten the wood color and remove the stains.

To do so, sand the surface of the bleach stain away to expose the true tone of the wood. Use damp cloth to clean all dust. A wood stain is used to cover the original color of the wood, which means that you have to find matching stain and then apply to the sanded area. It is very easy because you can follow the instructions label by testing in small area first.

Bleach Stain Removal

For varnished furniture, the stained area may require finishing coat. It is possible to use wax or furniture polish to give original finished look around the stained area. Those are the right method you can do on how to remove a bleach stain on metal and wooden furniture. Dont forget to check out the other cleaning tips at houseworkguide

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