How To Remove Chocolate Stain From Your Favorite Clothes

By | May 13, 2017

How to remove chocolate stain from your favorite clothes will lift up your spirit. Some people love their favorite clothes because they are from their beloved ones and they may have special memories. Don’t let people know you easily that you love chocolate only to see the stains on your favorite clothes.

chocolate stain removal

Below are the steps you must do to remove the stain from your clothes.

  1. Scrape Off The Chocolate

To do so, store your clothes into refrigerator for about 15 minutes so the stain will not spread. Avoid creating more stains by placing it carefully. Place the clothes on flat surface once the chocolate is solid. Use butter knife to remove the chocolate. Never rub the chocolate first. it is important to remove the stain immediately after this accident happened.

  1. Use Laundry Detergent And Pre-Wash

Pretreatment should be placed directly to the stain. Let it to soak for more than five minutes. After that, you can place it into the washer.

  1. Follow The Washing Instructions

Use detergent to start washing and follow the washing instructions to get best result. It is important to note that certain materials only need hand-washed. Even your stained clothes may require dry-cleaned. Therefore, pay attention to the tag of your clothes. If you think that your garment is designed for dry clean, it is better to bring it to professional who knows more about how to remove chocolate stain on your clothes safely.

  1. Find Any Residual Stains

Right after washing your clothes, be sure that you spend a little time to look for any residual stains. If so, it means you need to repeat the process for several times. It is better to not place your clothes in dryer if you are not sure that the chocolate stains are completely gone. Or if not, the stain will be sealed by the dryer that will make it harder to remove.

Those are all the valua

How to remove chocolate stain

Those are all the valuable steps you can do on how to remove chocolate stain from your clothes

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