How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Granite Effectively

By | May 11, 2017

How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Granite requires you to deal with the build-up minerals. It makes your granite less inviting and dirty. When you spot any hard water stains, there is no better solution than to remove it quickly. To do that, you must prepare some things like protective gloves, wire wool, razor blade, brush/cloth/sponge, granite cleaner/heavy-duty natural stone, soapy water and safety mask.

How To Remove Hard Water Stains From Granite

Below are some steps you can do on how to remove hard water stains from granite.

  1. Safety First

Before getting started, wear protective gloves to avoid any potential damage. Use muriatic acid as the last way to remove the hard water stains. Safety mask is needed because the toxic fumes in this product may lead to health problems.

  1. Scrapping The Stain

It is important to remove the stains from the countertops first by scraping it away. You will need wire wool to eradicate the stains from any surfaces of your kitchen and bathroom, and it doesn’t damage the surface. Prepare soapy water and dip the wire wool. Rub the stain carefully until the stain is removed. Razor blade can be the alternative for the wire wool but you must wear protective gloves to chip the stain away with the blade.

  1. Using Stone or Granite Cleaner

    Remove Water Stains From Granite with stone or granite cleaner in case that the razor blades and wire wool failed to remove it. You can find low acid or alkaline heavy duty cleaner that is specially designed for stone or granite surface. Use dry and clean brush, sponge and rub the stain with the cleaner in circular motion.

    Hard Water Stains Granite Removal

    It is always recommended to read the application advice since each product is different. Let the cleanser on the stain in suggested time advised on the label of instruction and wipe it off with cloth. Mineral remover and hard-water products are not recommended for natural stone surfaces.Those are the complete ways you can do as the effective solution on how to remove hard water stains from granite.

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