How to Remove Lint from Velcro

By | June 10, 2017

Query: “How to Remove Heavy Lint from Velcro?”

The similar nice hooks that make Velcro work so effectively additionally seize onto each little bit of lint and hair that get close to them. Listed here are some simple methods to assist clear the lint out of the scratchy aspect of your Velcro.

Eradicating the Lint

You Will Want:

  • A vacuum
  • A nail brush
  • Cleaning soap
  • Water
  • A comb
  • Velcro

Steps to Remove the Lint:

  1. Rub a vacuum hose over the Velcro to take away as a lot lint as attainable.
  2. Scrubbing the Velcro with a nail brush and a few cleaning soap can work to loosen and take away the lint.
  3. Use a slender tooth comb to comb out the remaining lint.
  4. Another choice is to get a clear piece of Velcro from a cloth retailer or from the craft part of a grocery store. Rub the hook aspect (the scratchy aspect) of the clear Velcro in opposition to the hook aspect of the Velcro you need to clear. The clear piece will collect all the hair and lint out of the soiled piece.

Extra Suggestions:

  • Velcro is fabricated from nylon. If you happen to get dust or a stain on it, clear it as you’d nylon cloth.
  • When not in use, preserve Velcro mounted to keep away from gathering extra lint.
  • If the Velcro is on an merchandise that may be washed within the washer, fasten the Velcro earlier than the wash to stop gathering lint.


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