The Ink Stain Removal That You Cannot Believe They Work

By | May 15, 2017

Ink Stain Removal is all that you are seeking for if you spot an ink stain on your new carpet. Stop crying and blame yourself about spilling the ink on it. Below, you will find some interesting ways, helpful solution to remove the ink stain easily that even you cannot believe they work great.

Ink Stain Removal

  1. Shortening

Having a can of shortening is a must that will save you next time when your hands are full of ink. You can use it to remove the stains from any vinyl surface as well as your hands. To do so, rub the shortening and use paper towel to remove the stains thoroughly.

  1. Sandpaper

It can be your great option to remove and minimize the ink stain on your shoes or clothes. Finish it with nailbrush or toothbrush. It doesn’t need to use the dry cleaner. It also works as the recommended ink stain removal for small scuff.

  1. White Vinegar

Anytime your shirt got ink stain accidentally, you can use white vinegar to solve the problem. It works for the first immediate treatment. Wet the stained area with the white vinegar and rub a paste of 2 parts of vinegar to 3 parts of cornstarch. Wash the cloth if the paste is thoroughly dry.

  1. Rubbing Alcohol

If your try to forget about your favorite dress and shirt with the stained ink really hard but it doesn’t work, soaking the stained area with rubbing alcohol may give you a new hope. Let the alcohol works for several minutes to get rid of the ink. Then, wash the cloth.

  1. Butter

It is hard to believe that butter can be the best solution to remove any ink stain especially on doll’s face. Tell your kids about this magical solution. To do so, rub butter on the stained area and leave it in the sun for few days. Prepare soap and water to wash the stained off to complete this ink stain removal.

How To Remove Ink Stain

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