The Proper Tricks To Remove Paint Stains From Clothes

By | May 23, 2017

Remove Paint Stains From Clothes can be tricky especially for the tiny flecks. It requires careful blot by using a cotton bud before considering rinsing it. For gloss paint, it is the most challenging stains to deal with. Well, it is all about the tricks you should know.

Remove Paint Stains From Clothes 2

  1. The Key Point

Never wait the paint dries, since it will be more difficult to handle. Work immediately on the stain and if there are no available materials to help you remove the stain, it is recommended to keep the stain wet until you can do proper treatments. The excess paint should be removed before doing any treatments. Use dull knife or spoon to scoop the excess up from the fabric. Apply gentle blot by using tissue or old cloth at the stain. After that, you can start the treatment.

  1. Removing Oil-Based Paints

Remove paint stains from clothes especially oil-based paints are harder, but still possible to do. Look at the instruction on the can that can tell you about removing the stains. Or if there is nothing to find, treat the stain immediately.

You need white spirits, suggested paint remover or turpentine. Prepare kitchen roll or absorbent cloth under the stained cloth. Place the cloth with stain-side on it. Use the cloth to apply several blots at the stain such as white spirits, turpentine or suggested paint remover, make the paint comes out. Change the kitchen roll or the cloth for several times. White spirits or turpentine is not recommended for rayon, triacetate, and acetate. Therefore, you need to check the garment care label, as well as the instructions on the paint can.

Next, add laundry detergent. Soak the cloth in hot water and let it set for overnight.  The stained area should be saturated with the detergent. Soaking the cloth to the hot water is only when the garment supports this treatment. The last step is scrubbing the stain again and applies the normal wash.

  1. Removing Water-Based Paints

If the stain is water-based paints, you can use detergent and warm water. Dishwashing detergent can be the alternative on how to remove paint stains from clothes. Use a clean cloth and apply the lather to the stain. Blot several times to remove the paint and rinse. Test any treatment first in a small unwanted area of the cloth.

Remove Paint Stains From Clothes

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