3 Best Recommended Methods To Remove Stain From White Shirt

By | May 12, 2017

Remove Stain From White Shirt is easy if you go with the right strategy and product to clean. The pre-treating stains with high-quality stains-detergents is recommend since the products are designed to clean the clothes effectively.

How to Remove Stain From White Shirt

Below is the most recommended methods you can do if you don’t want your white clothes ruined with the stain.

  1. Removing Color Stains

It is better to use the oxygen bleach which opposed chlorine bleach. It is important to clean your machine if you already finished washing the color-stained clothes to avoid any remnants stay there and ruin the other clothes in the next wash.

  1. Removing Rust Stains

It is hard to remove rust stains with the iron particles that can react with heat and bleach which will only increase the chance of permanent stain. It is better to not pick detergents with strong bleach content. Set your machine on cool or warm setting to remove stain from white shirt.

  1. Removing Yellow Stains

Sweat can be the real culprit that will lead to yellow stains that somehow combined with deodorant so that the things ruin the white shirt. You can use some household products that are effectively designed to combat the yellow stains. In addition, it is still possible to use Oxygen bleach, lemon juice, meat tenderized powder and salt.

Salt is the great option for both prior to washing. Soak the s

Remove Stain From White Shirt

hirt with a salt solution and let it for several hours. Or, put salt to your washing machine to make the stain less visible. It is recommended to use mild detergent to wash delicate clothes if you want to remove any stains from wool or silk. The oxygen bleach is the best choice to deal with tough stains. Never skip to test all cleaning products you choose on small and hidden area of the shirt first, and then follow the instruction on its label so you can remove stain from white shirt effectively.

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