11 Storage Tricks to Make Your Foods Last Longer

By | March 31, 2018

Olive oil

Olive oil and olive branch on the wooden tableDUSAN ZIDAR/Shutterstock

Stick to small bottles until you are heavy-handed. As soon as opened, olive oil can go rancid in as little as three months (although the bottle may say it’s going to last more). Recent olive oil smells like inexperienced, ripe olives and has a brilliant, peppery style with a kick; be cautious of a crayon- or putty-like odor, which signifies spoilage. Listed below are some extra foods that might expire sooner than you think.

Peanut butter

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Flip pure varieties the other way up to permit the pool of oil close to the lid to transfer via the remainder of the jar and make the peanut butter creamier (and to skip messy stirring). Simply be certain that the cap is screwed on tight to keep away from a greasy pantry shelf. Listed below are another foods you’ve been storing all wrong.


Traditional italian hard cheese still lifegrafvision/Shutterstock

Let it breathe. Wrap cheese in porous materials. If you do not have cheese paper, parchment may also work. Keep away from tinfoil and tight plastic wrap. Failing to expose cheese to sufficient oxygen will trigger it to dry out shortly.



You possibly can freeze bars you do not plan to use shortly. This can forestall spoilage and the scent absorption of, say, Chinese language leftovers. Within the fridge, unopened butter ought to final about 4 months. It might keep within the freezer for a couple of yr. Go away wrapped sticks within the unique carton, then enclose in double plastic freezer baggage. One signal you want to freeze butter: inconsistent colour, which suggests you are not utilizing yours quick sufficient. Butter that’s lighter on the within than on the surface is now not recent, thanks to oxidation — colour must be constant. Listed below are some extra foods you had no idea you could freeze.

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Brown sugar

Raw Organic Cane Sugar in a BowlBrent Hofacker/Shutterstock

Retailer the candy crystals with “pals” to forestall hardening. Switch to an hermetic plastic container and embrace moist objects like marshmallows, a slice of bread, or apple slices; the sugar will take in the moisture and keep gentle. However, these are some foods you should never store together.


Mayonnaise in a glass jar with a spoon on white wooden boards.sasha2109/Shutterstock

Retailer within the fridge door. Within the inside a part of the fridge, mayo might get too chilly, which can trigger it to separate and go away oil on the prime of the jar. If stored within the fridge door, your tasty sandwich dressing will final two to three months previous the acquisition date.


What’s-the-REAL-Difference-Between-All-Purpose-Flour-and-Bread-FlourSunny Forest/shutterstock

Maintain entire wheat flour chilled. Excessive oil ranges within the wheat germ could make this baking staple go rancid if stored within the pantry too lengthy. In case you use it sometimes, retailer in an hermetic container within the fridge, the place it may possibly final two to six months. Sniff to test freshness — it must be nearly utterly odorless. Toss it if it smells sharp or bitter. (Common white flour can final a couple of yr within the pantry in an hermetic container.)

100% maple syrup

maple syrup in glass bottle on wooden tableshowcake/Shutterstock

As soon as opened, retailer within the freezer to protect should you use it not often. Due to its excessive sugar content material, syrup will not freeze. Pure maple syrup ought to final indefinitely unopened within the pantry; as soon as opened, it may possibly final up to a yr refrigerated. Be taught which foods you’re spoiling by putting in the refrigerator.

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Soy sauce

Soy sauce and soy bean with chopsticks on wooden tableMakistock/Shutterstock

Watch the colour. Frequent varieties are reddish brown when recent. If it is darkened, this go-to Asian-food ingredient has doubtless fallen sufferer to oxidation. Soy sauce would not want to be stored chilled, however refrigeration will assist the flavour stay at peak high quality longer. It ought to final up to two years this manner. Listed below are some foods you’re actually throwing out too soon.

Spices (crimson ones)

chilli pepperid-art/Shutterstock

Stash crimson spices within the fridge. Paprika, cayenne powder, and chili powder will keep brisker and hold their brilliant colour — which could be dulled by mild and warmth — longer.


jar of honey with honeycomb on wooden tableAlexeysun/Shutterstock

Revive crystallized honey by inserting the jar in a frying pan on the range with simmering water; stir the honey till the crystals have dissolved. Do not hold honey within the fridge, which may make it crystallize. Honey can final eternally even as soon as opened (pots of it have been excavated from historical Egyptian tombs, nonetheless preserved) as a result of enzymes in bees’ stomachs create by-products that struggle micro organism. Listed below are some extra genius tricks to keep your groceries fresh longer.

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