13 Simple Ways to Keep Your Home Pest-Free All Summer Long

By | March 14, 2018

Be looking out early

a bed of shredded paper.DW labs Included/ShutterstockIn accordance to our consultants at Terminix, it is throughout winter that mice and different furry pests make their nests in your house. So now’s the time to be looking out for infestations, akin to droppings, seed shells, and shredded paper. Take a look at these secrets about bedbugs, termites, and other pests.

Should you discover mice, evict them

CARY, NC - OCTOBER 30, 015: Close up of newly unpackaged unused Woodtream mouse traps on a white reflective surface, with copy spaceMeister Photographs/ShutterstockIt is essential to eliminate the mice you’ve got in your house earlier than taking any additional motion, together with sealing your house, in accordance to Terminix. You need to maintain any new visitors out, not seal the previous ones in. Use mouse traps and bait stations (which can be found each in shops and thru skilled exterminators), and likewise clear out the corners of your storage and different locations the place mice might make their nests.

Batten down the hatches

Window mosquito wire screen net to protect from insect and bug.Paradise On Earth/ShutterstockBe certain that your house is free from small cracks and holes the place unwelcome home visitors can enter your house. Begin by caulking round window frames and putting in high-quality mesh screens in your home windows, in accordance to Terminix. Restore gaps round plumbing pipes, dryer vents, and air conditioners; seal cracks or holes in wall and baseboards with metal wool, which mice and different family pests cannot chew by way of.

(Take a look at these extra chemical-free ways to fight pest infestations.)

Keep your firewood off the bottom

Natural wooden background - closeup of chopped firewood. Firewood stacked and prepared for winter Pile of wood logstanja-vashchuk/ShutterstockA number of the worst bugs to your house—carpenter ants and termites—feed actively on lower firewood or use it for shelter, in accordance to entomologists on the College of Kentucky. For that cause, it is a good suggestion to maintain your firewood coated and off the bottom, which suggests the bugs are much less probably to stumble throughout it. All the time burn the oldest wooden first, and solely usher in as a lot firewood as you want to make a fireplace.

Do not miss these sneaky signs your home is about to be infested.

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Trim your bushes and shrubs

cut a hedgeLianeM/ShutterstockShould you’ve obtained tree branches and shrubbery touching your own home, you’ve got mainly constructed a bridge for all method of pests to march proper into your dwelling area, akin to ants, mice, squirrels, and even raccoons. Trim your the bushes and shrubs that contact your own home’s perimeter (maintain at the least a foot between the vegetation and your own home) or name a tree service firm, advises Angie’s List.


Eliminate particles

Autumn Leaves in Garbage CanAllard One/ShutterstockAs soon as you’ve got carried out your trimming and leaf-raking, make sure to eliminate the piles of particles as they supply meals and shelter for a lot of bugs, in accordance to Terminix. If you’d like to compost (here’s how to get started), achieve this at a distance from your own home, itself.

Keep your grass brief

Lawnmower cutting grass in the gardenAnna Baburkina/ShutterstockBe taught to mow like a professional, or rent an expert garden mower: Both method, maintain your grass brief and your weeds down as a result of fleas, ticks, and ants love to disguise in grass and weeds, in accordance to Terminix. Listed here are the 13 things your landscaper won’t tell you.

Standing water

Rain falling into a full bucket of waterSteve Cordory/ShutterstockStanding water is a breeding floor for mosquitoes, so at all times empty out flower pots, buckets, and toys after it rains. Fill in areas which are inclined to flooding and pooling. Listed here are some plants that repel mosquitoes naturally. Additionally, think about including pumps to ponds.

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Keep a clear kitchen

Hand cleaning black marble stone counter barParaksa/ShutterstockA clear kitchen does not at all times keep pest-free, however conserving their meals provide scarce definitely discourages freeloaders. Empty your rubbish steadily, wipe down your counters, retailer meals in hermetic containers, and do not depart soiled dishes within the sink. Listed here are some other ways to keep your kitchen bug-free.


Repel ants with smells they hate

Herbs on the windowYala/ShutterstockAnts dislike the sturdy odors of herbs like mint, pennyroyal, rue, and tansy; strive inserting pots or dried bunches of those herbs close to hassle spots and alongside your window sills. Additionally, think about wiping down your windowsills with clove oil or eucalyptus oil. Listed here are 14 medicinal (and often pungent) herbs you can grow.

Use your backyard as your first protection

Gardeners hands planting flowers in the garden, close up photoKostenko Maxim/ShutterstockBugs dislike gardens which have strong-smelling vegetation like mint, rosemary, lemongrass, and geraniums. “Combating bugs with their pure enemies” is named “built-in pest administration,” in accordance to How Stuff Works. Flowers that entice songbirds might be a part of built-in pest administration as nicely as a result of songbirds feed on bugs. You can too encourage bug-chomping sparrows, cardinals, and chickadees to flock to your house with suet desserts or a birdhouse, or each.

Take a look at these animal “facts” that you’ve got all wrong.

Get a cat (or a canine)

dog and catNikoner/Shutterstock“You probably have pets, they is perhaps the easiest way to catch a mouse with out lifting a finger,” say the consultants at Terminix. Whereas cats are much more environment friendly than canines at conserving vermin at bay, any animal presence can deter mice and different mammalian house invaders.

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Think about a pest management specialist

Handyman with insecticide standing in front of his vanwavebreakmedia/ShutterstockYou should purchase insect sprays, bait traps, and different bug-repellent strategies on a DIY foundation. However you may want to think about a pest management specialist to get you began and to make suggestions custom-made to your specific state of affairs. However here are the 15 things your exterminator won’t tell you.

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