15 Things You Should Never Put Down a Garbage Disposal

By | February 23, 2018

Espresso Grounds

Coffee-groundsNor Gal/Shutterstock

Let’s begin by debunking a frequent folks treatment. Whereas it is true that dropping espresso grounds into your rubbish disposal reduces odors within the brief time period, it may really trigger extra critical issues down the drain. To know why, take into consideration what used espresso grounds appear to be when taken out of a filter: They cut back into a dense, thickly packed pasty wad. And that’s precisely what you do not need stepping into your drain traces! You ought to never, ever pour these things down the drain, both.


PastaIvana P. Nikolic/Shutterstock Anybody who’s made spaghetti or mac’n’cheese is aware of that pasta expands when soaked in water. On condition that, you possibly can see why you won’t wish to drop a lot of pasta into your disposal and drain the place it should, in spite of everything, soak in water and hold increasing.

Like many of the objects on this checklist, a few scraps cleaned off of a plate will not harm. However do not attempt to get rid of a complete pasta casserole, and whenever you do run pasta via the disposal, run the water as chilly as it should go for 30 seconds afterward, to flush it via the entice and into the mainline.



Garbage disposals are great at grinding up and disposing of meals waste. However simply because they will grind they merely aren’t made to cope with extraordinarily arduous objects, similar to bones.

If you happen to do drop a rooster wing or fish bone within the disposal, do not panic. Disposals are hardy home equipment and may deal with grinding up the occasional small bone. However for those who attempt to drop a rack of ribs down your sink and grind them up, you are setting your self up for catastrophe. (Strive these five different ways to unclog a toilet bowl without a plunger.)


Oatmealartem evdokimov/Shutterstock Very similar to pasta, oatmeal is one other enlargement menace. Raw oats, specifically, are more likely to slip via the disposal untouched, solely to gather and broaden down-line. If you happen to’re fortunate, they will finally movement out to the sewer.

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PeanutsSimone van den Berg/shutterstock

If you happen to ever end up about to dump a number of handfuls of peanuts down your rubbish disposal, take a second to contemplate how peanut butter is made: Handfuls of peanuts are dumped into a grinder, the place they’re spun and mashed into a sticky, thick paste. And your rubbish disposal is a wonderful appliance-sized model of a nut grinder. Restrict the variety of peanuts (and different sorts of nuts) that drop into the disposal and you will be much better off. (Keep away from these ways in which you are cleaning your kitchen wrong.)

Onion Skins


Chopped, diced, or in chunks, most onion waste should not be a downside to your disposal. The issue comes with the skinny membrane that lies just under the dry, outer-most layer of an onion. That skinny, moist layer is commonly eliminated earlier than the onion is chopped, and thrown into the disposal. However the layer is so skinny that it may move via the disposal, lacking the blades and wind up wedged within the drain, the place it catches extra objects and holds them in place.

Fortunately, it is pretty easy to keep away from this downside. Simply drop the thinnest outer layer within the trash, or minimize it up earlier than dropping it within the disposal. It is a few seconds of labor that may prevent hours of labor or an costly go to from a plumber.

Egg Shells


You might have heard that it is a good concept to drop egg shells into the rubbish disposal. The thought is that the shells one way or the other sharpen the blades mounted on the disposal wall. It is arduous to say the place this concept bought began, however for those who cease to consider it, when was the final time you have seen anybody sharpening knives and lawnmower blades with a carton of eggs?

Whereas eggs do not do a lot to assist your disposal blades, a minimum of the shells themselves do not do any harm. Nonetheless, the following time you crack an egg, take a shut have a look at the shell. You’ll see a skinny membrane on the within of the shell that may (like that skinny membrane of an onion) get unfastened and lodge within the drain or across the impeller (the rotor that throws waste towards the wall-mounted blades).


GarbageAleksandra Suzi/Shutterstock OK, talking of trash, it is price saying this formally: We all know it is referred to as a “rubbish” disposal. That does not imply that you must put all of your rubbish in it. Speak to a plumber or handyman, and you would be shocked by what number of instances they should dig out paper towels, luggage, sweet wrappers and banana peels that undoubtedly do not belong within the disposal.

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Pumpkin and Fibrous Greens


If you happen to’ve ever scooped out a pumpkin for Halloween, you know the way the lengthy strands can get caught in your hand and scooper, turning the entire scenario into a sticky mess. Keep away from transferring that mess into your disposal by disposing of pumpkin guts within the trash.

The identical goes for veggies like celery and rhubarb. Throw lengthy, stringy stalks straight within the trash to maintain the fibers from inflicting a downside, however don’t be concerned about small items. When chopped up, the fibers are sufficiently small to not trigger a downside. (These are secrets your plumber won’t tell you.)

Potato Peels

Potatoeslittle birdie/ShutterstockPotato peels are skinny sufficient to slide previous the disposal, probably catching within the drain. There they will trigger the identical challenge because the egg membrane, appearing like a tiny catcher’s mitt, holding up different waste and creating a clog.

Once more, a few peel items are nothing to fret about, however many recipes name for a number of potatoes, and the stack of peels shortly provides up.


Peach-pitLeonid S. Shtandel/Shutterstock

Peaches are scrumptious, and avocados impressed an total technology of kitchen colour schemes, however they each have extremely arduous, dense pits of their heart. As a good rule of thumb, if you cannot chop it with a knife, it is not going to grind up within the disposal. (Truly, it’d a couple of times, nevertheless it will not be lengthy earlier than you take a journey to purchase a new disposal.)

If you happen to do make a behavior of dropping too-hard objects within the disposal, it usually will not kill the motor, however you will find yourself with a machine that is not disposing of waste correctly. Ultimately, you will simply develop annoyed with it and find yourself changing the unit.

Cleansing Chemical compounds

cleaning-suppliesalejandro dans neergaard/Shutterstock We’re not speaking about dish cleaning soap or regular cleaners. These are wonderful for regular use. The chemical substances to keep away from are harsh drain busters and industrial-grade cleaners. They will put extreme put on in your disposal and probably even the drain line.

As an alternative, use ice cubes to wash off the blades, and a little dish cleaning soap to deodorize and break up any grease build-ups. (Ensure you never, ever put these things in your dryer.)

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That is one mistake that DIYers are particularly vulnerable to committing. Latex or oil paint ought to by no means be poured straight down the drain. It will probably cling to the aspect of the disposal or sit in pipes, the place it should start to remedy and harden into an intractable clog. Once more, a little paint closely diluted will not be a difficulty so long as it is closely diluted. However brushes and rollers needs to be cleaned with some forethought, utilizing an acceptable container, whereas bulk paint needs to be disposed of appropriately.

Corn Husks


Husking corn creates a super quantity of waste, and as a lot as potential ought to go within the compost pile or trash, moderately than the rubbish disposal. The sturdy, fibrous husk and wonderful threads of corn silk create a twin menace for disposals.

So whether or not your corn is store-bought or homegrown in a backyard, it is a good concept to husk straight into a bag, and never let it close to the disposal in any respect.


Oysterssomsak suwanput/ShutterstockExhausting shells from seafood similar to crab, lobster, shrimp, and oysters are a frequent rubbish disposal downside. Many of those shells are far too dense to grind up correctly, whereas those that may slip via (like shrimp) have a likelihood to catch within the drain. So skip the disposal and drop the shells within the trash, ideally a small trash bag in an effort to take it out of the kitchen instantly. (Cease believing these cleaning myths.)

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