How to Remove Tire Marks from Tile

By | March 20, 2018

Danielle mentioned, “Can anybody inform me what sort of cleaner I might use to get my wheelchair tire stains our of my tiled flooring?”

Any kind of tire can depart scuff marks on tile – wheelchair tires, bicycle tires, the flat from your automotive that you just eliminated and set on some tile. Fortunately, they are often eliminated with merchandise you most likely have round the home. Select one of many strategies beneath, then see the Further Suggestions part for extra options and concepts.

You Will Want:

  • A tennis ball or
  • An eraser or
  • A solvent (select one):
    • Mineral spirits
    • WD-40
    • Gasoline
  • A material

Steps to Remove the Tire Marks:

  1. A straightforward manner to take away scuff marks from tires is solely to rub them away utilizing a tennis ball. The stains will often buff proper off. In the event that they don’t, strive utilizing one a solvent as an alternative.
  2. An eraser can be a simple manner to take away tire marks if most well-liked. Artwork gum erasers work greatest, however any eraser can work. Don’t use a pink eraser as it could depart stains.
  3. One other methodology that works nicely for eradicating tire marks, particularly cussed ones, is a solvent. Use one of many solvents listed above and put it on a material. Be certain to put on gloves and eye safety whereas working with harmful solvents like mineral spirits, and all the time ventilate the world when working with a chemical.
  4. Rub the fabric on a hidden space of the ground to make sure it’s protected to your particular tile.
  5. If protected, rub the marks with the fabric.
  6. If the marks are particularly cussed, lay the fabric over them to soak for a couple of minutes, then proceed rubbing them away.
  7. After the marks are gone, wash the ground totally to take away any residue from the solvent.
  8. Wash the fabric totally as nicely, and hold it to air dry after each wash till you might be positive the solvent is absolutely eliminated as each are flammable.

Further Suggestions:

  • A Mr. Clear Magic Eraser will also be efficient for eradicating tire marks from tile, nevertheless it’s a good suggestion to check it in a small hidden space first as nicely.
  • If you’re in a wheelchair and scrubbing the ground with a tennis ball is troublesome, minimize a small slit within the tennis ball so it may be connected on the highest finish of a brush stick for simpler use.
  • If tire marks are an everyday downside to your wheelchair, think about using wheelchair tire covers.

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