This Genius Hack Will Help You Store Every Kind of Produce

By | January 26, 2018
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We’ve all been there: You shopped for components, separated them, after which fastidiously stashed them away—solely to search out mushy apples or spotty onions the following day. What offers?

Chances are high, you’re storing your produce incorrect. For example, throwing your tomatoes within the fridge will make them mealy, whereas holding avocados in your pantry will make them ripen too quick. You’re spoiling these foods by putting them in the refrigerator, as properly.

If that looks like too many guidelines to maintain monitor of, we perceive. Fortunately, there’s a simple (however genius!) technique to all the time know which sort of produce goes the place—no sophisticated circulation charts required.

From California to New York, you may relaxation assured each grocery retailer’s produce part is organized in the very same method. There’ll all the time be a wall of chilly storage alongside the perimeters, whereas room temperature objects are displayed within the center of the shop. (By the way in which, right here’s why grocery stores mist their produce.)

You most likely already know the place we’re going with this, however right here’s the way it works: If you happen to bought the fruit or veggie from the refrigerated partitions of the shop—like leafy greens or carrots—it ought to keep in your fridge. In the meantime, produce objects from the center of the shop (resembling citrus fruits, apples, and tomatoes) can keep at room temperature.

Straightforward-peasy. However to ensure you get the freshest produce from the very begin, that is exactly when you should be buying your favorite fruits and vegetables.

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