This Is the Seriously Disgusting Reason Your Air Conditioner Smells Bad

By | February 13, 2018

Air conditioners take away mold-friendly moisture from your house and filter allergens earlier than they will get inside. However if you happen to don’t preserve them clear, they will make the air in your home extraordinarily pungent, in line with a brand new examine out of Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU).

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The examine, led by Lai Ka-man, PhD, affiliate professor in HKBU’s Division of Biology, discovered that the flakes of pores and skin we naturally shed (scientific identify: “pores and skin squames”) get sucked into air-con items. As soon as there, the squames grow to be “lunch” for micro organism dwelling in the items. After the micro organism digest the pores and skin proteins, they produce disgusting smells, together with:

  • ammonia, a urine-like odor
  • risky fatty acids, a B.O.-like odor

“Certainly one of the most notable indoor air-quality issues is odor emission,” in line with the examine, revealed in the journal, Indoor Air: The Worldwide Journal of Indoor Setting and Well being. Merely said, unhealthy smells can have a damaging impression in your quality-of-life. In earlier research, the authors discovered that this bacterial course of was greater in smelly AC items. The brand new examine is the first to indicate that pores and skin squames are guilty, though there’s a twist: the examine additionally discovered foul odors in seemingly clear items.

Nonetheless, the authors state good filter in your AC might assist: “The dimensions of pores and skin squames is usually bigger than 10 micrometers (or zero.zero01 centimeters). A filter that may successfully seize particles lower than this dimension ought to assist enhance the odor downside,” Dr. Lai said in a press release. It might even be useful to get a sealed vacuum with a HEPA filter and use it incessantly, suggests Caroline Blazovsky, of My Healthy Home.

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